Kids photography

Siblings forever by Kauai family photographer David Marsh
3N8A7239 trio of children jumping at the beach in Kauai
Too much fin by Kauai family photographer David Marsh
Legs up by Kauai family photographer David Marsh
Pretty Haku girl by Kauai family photographer David Marsh
0J9A7938-Edit  7-year old Kauai girl wearing Haku
 0J9A6258 toddlers on a Kauai  beach
IMG_6812 - dad and toddler loving the pier
Kauai school yard kids
I can't see anything in these shades-2
Kauai school girls
Little princess Kauai
Kauai girl
Small boy sits on driftwood at the beach
Boy picks flowers in overgrown field

Choose destination Kauai Wedding videographer Kauai photographer David Marsh for professional photographs for your kid's birthday party, graduation, or just his/her desire to have their very own photo shoot. 



No doubt as a parent you’ve already taken hundreds of photos of your child/children with your smart phone. Professional kids’ photos are, however, keepsakes that you’ll want to print and hang on your wall and place in special photo family albums.    

3N8A8256-Edit copy



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