Sunlight glints in strands of hair cast against a slate gray sky,  a hint of the setting sun—the magical moment won’t just happen...but it can!    WHAT I CHARGE  



As a professional photographer living in Kauai, Hawaii, I am blessed to have some of the most spectacular scenic backgrounds anywhere in the world for my camera’s eye to revel in.  While Mount Waialeale, the Napali coast, Waimea Canyon and Old Koloa town are some of Kauai’s most visited spots, I find that I am never out of sight of a stunning photo opportunity. I have waterfalls right here in Princeville. There’s jungle and foresty areas on the north shore, hiking trails everywhere, walking distance from my home. I often tell my wedding clients, you don’t have to go far for that perfect place. When I'm walking about or driving even without my camera at my side, I can’t help notice how light falls, how it creates shapes, how shadows dance and shimmy, and brightly illuminated valleys play with my perception of distance. When I place a bride and groom in front of verdant shrubery, lit softly by the natural light of the golden hour, with sunlit tree groves shimmering in the distance as if listening to music, I  am breath stripped.  And when I stare at wavestops awash in a patch of sunlight, while two or three torchlit rainshafts sweep out of the heavens and pierce the lazy mists that are always caressing the sides of the mountain, I am lost —how can I not be spellbound?  Click, click, click, I work my camera. Sometimes I tell the person I’m photographing to move this way or that, chin up a bit, slight turn to your left, etc, etc. But mostly I let the moments flow. I chat beforehand; we discuss moods, attitudes. Needless to say, certain set pieces require some coordination.  I’ve been a professional photographer for a long time and I try my hardest to make sure that my clients really enjoy the photography session.  If you’d like to read more about me, in particular my professional background, I invite you to visit Difraser-ish.