BUDGET OPTIONS FOR WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY                                                              Back to Video MENU 

Simple video — ceremony only from $850                                                                                                             RESERVE A DATE   

Elope Video — up to 90 minutes of video coverage from $1150                                                                                                  

                          This is an Elope package video with a Higher Dimension option (drone) $1390  

 To view in ultra high definition 4K and see client’s comments HERE

The Simple Video — a professional video memorialization of your wedding ceremony. 


 Elope Pro - a step up from the Simple Video — $1150

 Deluxe Wedding Video - 3 hrs 

For ultra-dynamic “spectacular” examples please look at my Premium / Intimate Essence and Wedding Cinema Packages.  

When I'm hired to film a wedding, I just don’t show up with a camera and a microphone; I think about how I can make this video different from my last, and stand out from from the one before that one, and so on. The cookie cutter wedding video is not my thing, even when it’s a wedding video on a tight budget.