Kauai wedding videographer Difraser 61

I have just one aim—to get it in focus. Ha! Just kidding! It’s to make sure that my lens sees (you) in the light of something magical and special… 

I often stylize my videos with thematic elements; it could be a love theme, desire, humor, or even a particular preference, like wine, animals, Country music, just about anything. 


What’s important to you in a wedding video?  A traditional video? A video that’s fashioned like a story? Nothing jazzy, just inexpensive and professional so you can look back and relive the ceremony? A video to show off—for your family and friends back home so they can see how you had a blast?  A video that’s amazingly kickass, completely and utterly different like the ones shown here.  Or choose from the menu on the right side of this webpage.   If you’ve already decided you can ...

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