David Ian Fraser Marsh learned to shoot with motion picture film cameras 30 years ago.  So the first thing you get when you book with Difraser is a ton of experience, plus a voyage on his intergalactic starship!  Does he really own one?   Thinking of a Kauai wedding video? It’s a must have.  

Right after their wedding ceremony, Brian and Stephanie were abducted by aliens.  Being the quick-witted, sharp-eyed, Kauai wedding videographer that I am, I bagged this shot, then used my photo reflector to blind the aliens. Then I saved the couple. Yup! I’m a hero! Or rather, a Kauai based wedding videographer, photographer and sometimes oddly imaginative graphic artist—so…was it really raining and nighttime, or was this shot taken at 2pm on a bright summer day?   And do I really own an intergalactic starship?  Who is Difraser - why is he different?