Q. What do you charge?

 A. Edited videos from $750, photography from $550

Q. You claim you are different; in what way?

A. I strive to make atypical videos. Too often wedding videos look the same,  slow motion shots, labored pans, the couple’s name stamped over the image, “Julia and Steve.” Sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed, but not always, especially when a client is looking for something sassy, like starting the video with scores of different shots going by in a blink, set to a manic drumbeat—different, exciting!    

Q. Audio is very important to me, Can you give me great audio even on a windy beach? 

A. Absolutely. Shielded lapel microphones. Great sound! 

Q. If I choose you as my videographer are you okay with me choosing a different photographer?

A. Yes, but with a caveat.  A photographer not used to working alongside us can find herself / himself featured on the video, usually showing his /her backside, blocking the shot.  Additionally, many photographers are unaware or simply don’t care that their camera flashes ruin video frames.  When we shoot video and photography as a combination we work as a seemless unit giving our clients the best of both mediums. 

 Q.  Can I get the camera raw footage? 

A. Optionally, yes. On an external 1 or 2TB USB drive.   

Q. Do you offer a same day wedding video edit?

A. Yes.  2-3 minute highlights video, as long as there is a gap of 3+ hours between the ceremony and reception.  

 Q. What's your turnaround time? 

A. Fast. Standard time for photos 10 days,  2-3 weeks for video but we often do turnarounds in less than a week,  

Q. After I receive the video, I know I’ll love it, but if I want changes, will you do them?

A. Of course. However, given the time and effort that goes into each project, even small changes can equate to several hours in the edit suite; as such, I do charge to re-edit but it’s at a reduced rate of $75/hr.   I should be able to tell you how many hours from our conversation about reediting. 

Q. You can stream live? 

A.  I try to stay away from basic live streaming as it's more of a techinical thing that an artistic thing. But I do offer professional live streaming for very large weddings, such as our TV show wedding /and some corporate events.  

Q. Are we the best videographers and photographers on the island?

A. We produce top-notch wedding videos, corporate videos, and shoot excellent portraiture, landcapes, architecture— as good as any of the top videographers and photographers globally.    

Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. Yes.  

Q. If I want to hire you, what do I do?

A. Phone 808-212-9742. Or shoot us an e-mail ... or go to the contact page and fill out the "contact us" form.  


You might ask, what is DP? It’s the acronym for Director of Photography in motion pictures & television. 

Conveniently, it is also 

Difraser Photography.