About Difraser (David)

Aloha. I am Difraser, a professional film and video director, videographer, photographer, and author of young adult/new adult fiction. My name is a moniker cobbled from my three birth names, David, Ian, Fraser. I began my career in England, at 17, after deciding to quit school early because, simply put, I hated school. Luckily, I had a passion for something else. My career has been interesting to say the least.   I've directed TV commercials, mini-documentaries, the theatrical releases ”Stormswept” and “The Lords of Magick,” and hundreds of wedding videos,  sweet-16s, parties, corporate and industrial films.  There’s an old saying: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It’s an Englishism, like grub, bangers and mash, Marmite sandwiches. You get the picture.  So take a bite, I mean please check out any of my video samples / photo galleries. Or call me or e-mail and tell me about your project, what your vision is, expectations are, and I’ll do my best to contribute and hopefully you’ll choose me as your videographer, director, or photographer ...     

More about me: DIFRASER-ish  …    Here’s a designer-crafted video (below) that I filmed for the couple to show off at their upcoming wedding, a few months later.  


Wedding videographer Kauai