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Aloha. Welcome to Difraser’s Kauai Video Productions! Stylish wedding photography, polished professional wedding videography. Actors and models photography. Commercial photography/  videography. Yes to all. I am an English award-winning film maker, with mainstream film production exprience and plenty of weddings and events under my belt.  So if you’re game for a different mix of  photography, or a standout wedding video (I rather say wedding cinematography) please shoot me Difraser an e-mail or call me—I'd love to hear from you.  Mahalo.               

With our sun-drenched beaches, breath-stealing sunsets, and verdant tropical forests, Kauai is a stirring backdrop for weddings, models' portfolios, television commercials, theatrical and musical productions—in fact, whatever your Kauai video or photographic needs are, I have thousands of hours of experience that I lend to every project I work on, be it the biggest or smallest. I am an ardent believer in equal human rights, including the right for all couples in love, who are of legal age, to be allowed access into the institution we call marriage, regardless of gender.   LGBT welcome.  

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Have you ever considered a trash-the-dress photo or video shoot? The couple in the next few photos (below) got married on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, then decided to go for a swim. Kauai wedding videographer/ photographer Difraser went with them.

Kauai wedding photographer Difraser in a trash the dress photo shoot Kauai north shore

The trail was steep, and tricky, and the wedding couple laughed a lot.

Kauai wedding photographer trash the dress MG 8622

And they kissed a bunch, too

Kauai wedding photographer trash the dress MG 8830

They decided, first to get their feet wet before taking the full plunge

Wedding videographer in Kauai, Difraser, shoots trash the dress

About this time, I dropped my Canon 70-200 IS…. boy did that hurt! 

Have camera will go…wherever you need me to go ... 

Trending…Kauai wedding cinematography.  Customizable. Flexible. Affordable.   

Photographer Difraser photographs wedding couple at Lumahai Beach - the  paradisiacal beach made famous in the film “South Pacific."

Bride Imelda filmed by Kauai Video Productions wedding cinematographer Difraser

Here are some guides for Kauai Brides

Your Kauai wedding is an extraordinary moment in your life. Months, maybe even years, have gone into the planning: the dress, rings, invitation lists, venue, table seatings, and so much more. Then, when the day finally comes, you and your spouse and your family and friends will experience so many emotions. There will be excitement and laughter and tears and flashbulbs, and the day will race by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own Kauai wedding.  How many times have I heard a bride say:  "I truly don't remember that bit, I'm so glad you captured it on film, in on my very own Kauai wedding video.”    


Unbelievably fantastic Kauai wedding video editing

In the real estate business there's a saying: location, location, location, location. In the wedding video business, it's editing, editing, editing! Editing is my bailiwick, my realm, my wheelhouse. It runs in my veins. And I’ve won awards for the craft including an International Emmy.  And guess what? I’m super fast at it. It usually takes me no longer than 2 weeks to deliver a highly crafted edited Kauai wedding video to my client. I just send an e-mail informing the client that their  Kauai wedding video is ready to download in full HD from my cloud storage.  


From a Kauai wedding videographer, Kauai wedding photographer, beautiful Kauai wedding love stories ... 

Your Kauai wedding videographer, Kauai wedding photographer, award winning film editor Difraser, will craft your Kauai wedding video to perfection, whether your requirement is an intimate beach wedding or a giant event with hundreds of guests, Difraser, your kauai wedding cinematographer, will create for you a film of a lifetime.   

Many couples choose to only have their Kauai wedding ceremony filmed. While this is a wonderful keepsake, some couples later wish that I had filmed the getting ready moments, or that I captured moments strolling arm in arm along a sun-dappled beach in the sunset hour.  Please be mindful, that with long lenses I blend into the background at your wedding. I’m not intrusive. And despite my portfolio and credits, I’m not expensive.     


A Wedding Videographer Kauai 

Your Kauai wedding video is special not just to you, to me as well. As a standard, beyond a rule, I make certain that each of my Kauai wedding wedding films is unique—yours will not be a cookie cutter type Kauai wedding video. And while I like to film all of my Kauai wedding videos with multiple cameras so that gone-in-a-blink moments can be filmed from more than one perspective, I realize that budget is important, and the magic of my Kauai wedding video can also be obtained with a single camera.  


The advantage of having more than one Kauai wedding videographer…

Unless it’s a beach wedding without guests, it is universally accepted that you'll need two or more photographers to photography your wedding. Oddly,   when it comes to wedding videography few people think they’ll need more than one videographer.  And indeed it is a very odd perception. In reality, the need for an additional wedding videographer is perhaps more important than the need of a second photographer. Two videographers means lots of video footage from different angles, and the coverage and the different angles is the recipe for great video editing, and great editing is what makes the wedding video great.  Two Kauai wedding videographers with three and sometimes four cameras is the ideal combination for an awesome Kauai wedding video.  


Great expectations - video

 What to expect in your wedding video? Will it be as awesome as the video you really liked? The honest answer - maybe — although the answer might very well be yes based upon several criteria: the location you choose, comparable amount of guests, comparable hours, the same amount of videographers, the time of the year and the weather of the day, your preference in music, and maybe other intangible or tangible factors. I wrote an article once called wedding video ingredients. In a nutshell, the more things happening at a wedding (ingredients) the greater the likelihood the video will be dynamic.  But remember: live events are tricky. Not all live events go off without a hitch—you’ve seen goofs, glitches, mistakes, on live TV—well, they happen at weddings too.    Note: photography does not share the same issues. Photography is not truly contiguous. And goofs and glitches in frozen frames do not typically reveal themeselves as goofs and glitches.    

Style Preferences

I always ask my clients about their stylistic preferences, but let's face it, all of us sometimes only know what we want when we see it, so aside from providing my clients with more than 30 demos to watch here on this website and on Vimeo, I’ve created a styles video to showcase some of the preferred "looks" in Kauai wedding videos.  

I could go on, but there's an old British proverb: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So take a bite, I mean take a look at some of my Kauai wedding videos, or if your preference is photography without video, please look at my Kauai wedding photography gallery…
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