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  Aloha. Welcome to Kauai Video Productions. We are producers of top-notch digital cinematography for weddings, events, and web video production, based on the lush north shore of Kauai. We film locally, and nationwide.  

As Kauai is a wedding destination getaway, we have geared our company to provide top-notch digital cinematography and editing for wedding couples.

Professionaly captured personal moments

We know that your wedding day is one of the most important in your life, and choosing the right photographer and videographer is a must. That’s why we’ve designed this website chock full of video samples of our craftmanship, starting with this home page.  As the Brits say, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” 


We use full frame digital 35mm film cameras to paint our frames with color, absence of color, light, shadow, and accurately mixed audio. 

Exotic locations and sun drenched beaches make Kauai an excellent choice for promotional videos. At Kauai Video Productions we film documentaries, shorts, TV spots, even movies …  The video below is an example of our general video production. We have more video samples in our video theater.   

Trained, award-winning film professionals with over thirty years of experience. If you see a video sample that you particularly like, and want to know what something like it costs  HERE

Do you know that dolly or slider shots (see video below) add a special dimension to wedding videos? These types of shots require a 2nd videographerr. We also shoot aerial video with a professional quadcopter.  

Here's a tip: Don't try and do the wedding video yourself — a message  from so many brides after the fact.  But why? 

If you only need wedding videography for an hour or two, like the couple in this Kauai elope wedding, Secrets Beach (below), no problem, we do that. Our rates begin at only $150 per hour.

We offer a choice of edited wedding videos or non-edited.  Editing is where the hours are consumed and where the expense climbs. The editing is also where, as video craftsman, we create the movie experience.  But if you're on a really tight budget, you might want to consider the unedited option. You can always have your wedding video edited months or even years down the road. 

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Only one person could have stopped it: 

The bride. It was a bright sunny day, two in the afternoon. He checked to see if it was loaded. It was. From his vantage point, high above the crowd, he saw the bride emerging from behind a tree, her bridesmaid keeping the bridal train from catching, proud father footing the pace. Soon the others would see them, too. Wasting no time, he placed his eye to the finder, and squeezed the trigger. What a shot, the videographer smiled to himself with smug satisfaction, as he panned his camera to keep the bride perfectly framed as she glided up to the podium. 

How was this guy really doing? 

You’re about to hire a wedding videographer, but you’re confused; you’ve started looking at websites containing dozens of wedding videos and they’re all sort of melding. Who really is the better craftsman? What should you pay? Maybe more importantly, can you find the right wedding videographer for your budget? Can you negotiate? Let’s address these first issues. Homework: that's how you find a potential videographer, web research, etc. But asking questions gets you the right videographer. Ask and the answer might very well be yes.  On this website (Kauai Video Productions) that’s usually the case. Can you do a longer than eighteen minute video? Of course. How long is good for you? Do you offer a package that fits my budget, and what will I be giving up? We don’t want you giving up anything, so lets see our bookings and see how we can help. Easy…ask, because you never know.    

Back to looking at all those wedding videos. Of course this is an important first step. But here are some of the key things to watch for. 

Framing: Chopped off heads aren’t necessarily a good thing. Locked down shots that are held forever tend to be boring. Smooth motion is a good sign, a pro that knows how to film. Jerky cam can be used stylistically but the eye can usually tell if that’s the case. Close ups (especially lots of them) are an excellent sign. Long wide shots are necessary but they also lack the intimacy needed in a wedding video, which, let’s face it, is a film. Imagine going to the cinema and not feeling the panic of the herione—you almost want to hear her heart beating. 

Style is very important, but not at the expense of substance. As a viewer, If you’re not feeling the scene’s emotion, something is while a videographer’s reveal technique—using trees or bushes or people to hide behind until he/she is ready to reveal the subject—is fancy pants stuff, it’s not sufficient to make a wedding video great. 

Some videographers have the skill but not the equipment. You can probably tell: colors are not vibrant, images grainy or just not crisp.   Top-notch videographers use top-notch gear—usually. But sometimes, even a top-notch videographer filming a budget video might not be willing to avail his $50,000 camera gear. It’s another question to ask. What camera will you use? 

Ultimately, it’s all down to your preference. But one caveat: Jazzy wedding films with fast edits to catchy music might look awesome today, but years down the road you might wish the videographer had spent more time showing your mother or father, your grandfather; you might wish the videographer captured heart-beating moments where you can actually hear what Aunty Lizzie is saying. 

            St Regis panorama with Kris and Joy wedding in Kauai

The advantage of having more than one Kauai wedding videographer…

It is generally accepted that more than one Kauai photographer for a wedding is normal, even needed for a superbly photographed Kauai wedding day.  Strangely, this axiom is often overlooked in wedding videography. Yet the need for an additional videographer is equally, if not more, important.  One camera videography is fine if your videographer is using a point-and-shoot video camera, and it's sometimes fine for intimate weddings but a single videographer cannot supply the kind of video coverage typical with multi-cameras. Two videographers with three and sometimes four cameras is the ideal combination.   

In this wedding documentary below, filmed in Kauai’s Hanalei town and the luxurious St. Regis hotel in Princeville, Kauai, the wedding guests say what's on their mind. This clip is just 4 minutes out of an epic 90-minute wedding video.  Premium Pro.

The wedding (below) took place at a private residence along Hanalei Bay. A Kauai wedding video with a strong romantic storyline, this is definitely not your everyday wedding video. Once you watch the second half you'll see what I mean.  

Wedding Videographer Kauai

Your video is special not just to you, also to us. We make certain that each of our wedding films is unique—yours will not be a cookie cutter type wedding video. While we like to film with multiple cameras so that gone-in-a-blink moments can be filmed from more than one perspective, we realize that budget is important, and magic can be obtained with a single camera.  

Local weddings Kamaʻāina discounts - ask us. Same sex couples welcome. 

Below: this wedding video filmed on the mainland has a designer crafted intro. We classify this a hybrid documentary.  

We have many more Kauai wedding videos for you to watch in our video theater. Kauai Video Productions is who we are. It's where you find excellent video craftsmanship inexpensively, right here on the island of Kauai.  

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Your wedding is an extraordinary moment in your life. Months, maybe even years, have gone into the planning: the dress, rings, invitation lists, venue, table seatings, and so much more. Then, when the day finally comes, you and your spouse and your family and friends will experience so many emotions. There will be excitement and laughter and tears and flashbulbs, and the day will race by—you might even feel like you're in a fog, catching mere glimpses of your own wedding.  How many times have I heard a bride say:  "I truly don't remember that bit, I'm so glad you caught in on video.”  

Great editing

In the real estate business there's a saying: location, location, location, location. In the wedding video business, it's editing, editing, editing! And guess what? It usually takes us no longer than 2 weeks to deliver the highly crafted wedding film. We'll send you an e-mail informing you that your Kauai wedding video is ready to download in full HD from our cloud storage.  

                                                                          Kauai Wedding Video Samples. More in our THEATER   

Beautiful Kauai wedding love stories made by professional film-makers ... 

Kauai wedding video production by skilled, experienced film professionals,  whether it’s an intimate beach wedding, large event, simple, elaborate, edited, undedited, hybrid production, you name it, at Kauai Video Productions we preserve special moments so that you can watch them over and over.   

Many couples planning their vows in the islands choose to only have their ceremony filmed. This is a wonderful keepsake. But sometimes, after the wedding, some of these couples wished that we'd filmed them getting ready, strolling arm in arm at one of our sun dappled beaches in the sunset hour, etc.  We don't have to be invasive to capture a few minutes showing how the wedding day really was.   

The Cinematic myth

Choose us as your Kauai wedding photographer or Kauai wedding videographer or both (fusion)—a cost effective choice for photo and video performed by the same Kauai wedding video professionals. 

Tandem team: While it’s possible (and cheaper) for one Kauai wedding videographer to film your wedding, we highly recommend two Kauai wedding videographers/ photographers.     


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